Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane....

Man, have I been bad at posting or what!? Work has been really busy as I'm working on a really large website redesign. School is starting to wrap up and we only have 4 classes left, including the final exam/presentation night. I can not believe Thanksgiving is in a couple days. It's one of my favorite holidays, including Christmas and Halloween :)

So we are in Arizona and made it through a four hour flight with a one year old and three year old! It wasn't too bad but I could have gone without Jack pooping mid flight and Ellie not acting like a crazy girl. I took suckers which didn't do much. Jack didn't care about and Ellie dropped hers a couple times, probably because she wanted a new color. Neither of them slept which was a big bummer for us and the people behind us!! The kids are sleeping as i type this morning but the last few nights getting them to bed has been a nightmare. I'm excited to go to the zoo today and let Ellie and Jack run around like monkeys. They will fit right in.

So, I will be out of touch for awhile and will update with some pictures as soon as I can.

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