Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend recap

I had a great weekend. Friday was very interesting as Wendi, my Mom and I loaded up the mini-van with 3 kids and headed down to Chicago to spend that day doing some shopping and eating. It's crazy how having little kids makes things take 3 times longer. For example, we made a pit stop at the Kenosha outlet mall and stopped at 2 stores, because Silas needed to eat. I thought I would just run into Old Navy to see if they have any winter jackets for Jack, but Ellie wanted to come in too. The next thing I knew I had several Hello Kitty items in my hands and Ellie wanted to keep finding more. She hit the jackpot when we were in the checkout line and the whole 4 shelves were filled with Hello Kitty things. From nail polish, to watches, to kleenex. I was able to talk her into getting a little sticker book and I secretly bought a little carrying case with small items in it for our airplane trip coming up. She knew I bought it because as soon as we were in the car, she was asking for it. You can't get anything past her. I quickly shoved it under the carseat and showed her the bag only contained a shirt for me, and some items for Jack. I did give her the sticker book. She was not pleased.

Once we got to the Japanese grocery store we had lunch and then I wanted to test out the 'leash'. Jack didn't seem to mind it, except when I stopped to look at something and he kept walking and was jerked back and slammed his chubby little face on the floor. My bad :(  I don't think anyone saw, except Wendi who thought it was necessary to announce it. As soon as we left the store (2 hours later), we went to Ikea. Jack fell asleep in the car and slept the whole time at Ikea in the stroller. I LOVE my stroller, it reclines all the way back and the shade thingy cover almost his whole body. It was nice that he slept the whole time and we just had to worry about Ellie. Wendi strapped Silas with the baby Bjorn. After a $200 bill (I don't even know what I bought), we headed to my mom's friends house to meet her for dinner. We went to Portillo's, which was super yummy. No incidents there besides Jack throwing things left and right and Ellie deciding she needed to take her undies and pants off in the middle of the restaurant because she spilled a dribble of water on them.
Ellie and Jack slept the whole way home (so jealous) and we made a stop to feed Silas, which conveniently worked out because we missed rush hour.

Saturday was awesome! I went to a pancake breakfast with some friends and stayed for the craft fair at the highschool. 
Kim and Wendi

Saturday night, Wendi's Nick grilled beef tenderloin on the grill and we had some other yummy food, including an ice cream cake from DQ!
Sunday flew by of course after we spent the morning at my parent's house. I did find some toys for the airplane and a new suitcase! I'm excited for this week to be over so we can go to sunny, Arizona!

Jack discovering a pinecone!

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