Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ellie and Jack

These two crack me up.

Lately Jack has been doing....

  • Knows what the light switch is and will go to it if he hears that someone wants the light on.
  • Has been waking up in the middle of the night wanting to play, eat or just whine. The other night he wanted 6 oz. of milk at 2 am. Really!?
  • Has been putting the different shapes in a ball toy he has. He can now do it all by himself!
  • If he wants to go 'bye bye', he grabs his shoes!
  • He can take the baby gate down to the mud room. (this sucks)
  • Wants to eat by himself, doesn't want someone shoving a spoon down his throat.

Ellie has been just as active....

  • Doesn't want anyone in the bathroom with her.
  • Wants to 'help' me do everything, wash the dishes, brush my hair, fold laundry. I need to teach her to massage my feet :) lol
  • Has been crying when she has to go to school. She wants to stay home and hold baby Silas :(
  • Loves baby Silas!!
  • Pushes Jack on the floor :(
  • Is really starting to copy everything we say, including phrases such as "Meeko get a away", "Aw shoot", and "Thank you, Mommy."

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