Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

                                                      Dinosaur Jack and Black HK Ellie.

Last weekend we headed over to Amy and Bryon's house for a Halloween Party. I wish I would have taken pictures, because her decorations were awesome! She had a baked potato bar, chili, treats and all kinds of yummy food. Trick or Treat is a big deal in her neighborhood and it start at 6pm. We took the kids and bundled them up. It was cold out, but with all the warm costumes and the hot drinks we were set. A lot of the houses had 'adult' drinks of hot chocolate/schnapps and shots. It was fun!

This year, Jack was a green dragon. Some might say he is a dinosaur, but since his little orange spikes were sparkley, I decided he was a Magical Dragon. Ellie was Hello Kitty, but not the typical Hello Kitty. She was a black Hello Kitty! Now, this isn't a race thing if that is what you are thinking (LOL). I knew she wanted to be Hello Kitty, but I wanted to do something different and unique. Wendi came up with the idea of a black Hello Kitty, so I got some black clothes for her (which by the way is hard to find for a little girl) and got a black tail, a cute sparkley bow tie, added some whiskers and her black polk-a-dot Hello Kitty hat and we were set. She LOVED the make-up and her tail. The bow tie pretty much has been worn since I gave it to her. She calls it her necklace.

Last year, we put up the really cool Haunted House, but this year we ran out of time to figure out how we could anchor it without it blowing down. We'll for sure have it next year as everyone was asking about it! 

Below are some pictures.
Wendi, Nick and baby Silas.

Ellie's first time with a sucker!

The family.

Avery, Kim's little bumblebee.

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