Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursdays - love and hate

I have a love and hate feeling about Thursdays. I love them because it's almost Friday, but I hate them because I have to teach at night and can't give my babies a bath. By the time I get home I'm exhausted. After a long day of work (but usually a fun lunch outing, since I don't have exercise class) I pick up Ellie at 4:15, go home for about 10 minutes and then try to get to school by 5 so I can do any last minute prepping for my class at 6. I only have 5 more classes left until the end of the semester, so by this time, my class is totally getting it or the few that have been slacking and 'cheating' are completely lost. Yup, I know who the cheaters are. It sucks, but they will learn someday or they may always be a cheater. I usually get home around 10pm,  take a shower, have a bowl of cereal and watch Grey's and I'm always excited for Friday because that means I can do almost anything I want!

Tomorrow Wendi, my mom, and the kids are going to Ikea and Mitsuwa. I'm pretty excited, but have a feeling it might be difficult with 3 kids! I also think I might test out Jack's new monkey harness. Yup that's right, I got him a 'leash'. That's okay, go ahead and judge. I said I never would do this, but Jack is superflash fast.  I know we'll need it at the airport when we go to AZ too.

I took this picture last night at Wendi and Nick's. He's kicking it with his baby bottle in his old swing seat. The pants are missing because he decided to squeeze his applesauce pouch all over. Fun times!

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  1. I want a leash for Henry! Post a leash update and take some pics!