Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ellie goes skiing

Nick and I took Ellie skiing on Sunday at Ausblick. It's so nice that the hill is so close to our house. It was really busy with kids and families, but we got a table. She was so excited to go and we went down 5 times in a row!! She did really well despite not having the ski tips. Ski tips are used so she doesn't cross her skis. I bought a new harness this year, so I don't have to borrow anyone from the ski school. You have to use a harness because it helps getting her on the chair lift and holding her.

 Ellie had a really good time and I think she felt really special because it was just her dad and I. We brought ham sandwiches (Ellie's favorite) and had a nice lunch too. We probably took about 12-14 runs with her and by the end she was ready to go home and see Jack :)

Ready to go home!

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