Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Terrible 2s or 3s?

This picture displays # 10 from the list.

I don't know who made up the term "terrible twos", but they were off by a year. Ellie wasn't crazy until she hit 3. Sometimes I blame it on her brother or that she's a girl, but that's wishful thinking that Jack won't go through these stages either. Now I have to say Ellie has been very nice lately and hasn't had too many breakdowns, but it boggles my mind how up and down she can be. It kind of screws with your head.

Some of these freak outs can be triggered by the oddest things. Some of these include:
  1. Her sock is not on right.
  2. Her hat is on 'upside down'.
  3. She wants to turn the light on.
  4. She isn't allowed to jump on Jack's head.
  5. Jack is looking at her.
  6. Her hair hurts.
  7. Her shirt is hot.
  8. Her socks are hot.
  9. Her shoes are hot.
  10. Everything is hot.
  11. Her undies are on the wrong side.
  12. Her rice is yucky.
  13. She needs a towel to wipe her face. A fresh, warm, new one.
  14. Her yo-yo got on the table.
  15. Baby (Jack) has yo-yo on his eye and on his hair!!
  16. She wants to take a bath, not just put her jammas on her dirty body and go to bed because mama is tired.
  17. Me-me (Meeko) licked her.
  18. Me-me is naughty.
  19. Baby (Jack) hit her.
  20. She has to poop.

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  1. ha! love them all. we get the "my hair hurts" a lot too...what in the world does that even mean??