Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oreos or memories??

Fridays are meant to spend time with Ellie and Jack.  This also includes cleaning, organizing, playing, watching tv, running errands, grocery shopping, etc. I like to clean, so I usually don't mind this task, however it is really difficult with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. It is nearly impossible to clean when they are around. I even try to bribe them with going downstairs to play or even watching tv! Does anyone else feel this way with tasks? 

  • I can't clean the toilets or the bathrooms because then Jack wants to play with the plunger or Ellie wants to squirt the windex everywhere (including Jack's face).
  • Vacuuming is impossible. Jack LOVES our vacuum. We have a house hold vacuum, which is a long hose and he likes to play with the handle and brush part. He uses it as a weapon or to try to 'play' with Meeko. Meeko HATES the vacuum, so he just bites and tries to attack it.
  • Washing the dishes is hard too, because Ellie likes to help and then after about 2 minutes she has to take all of her clothes off because they are wet and we have a small splash pool.
  • You can forget about washing the floors; they will follow me around and will leave feet and paw marks everywhere.
  • The one thing I don't really enjoy but have actually started to is laundry. Ellie is just so cute when she tries to fold and help me. I use to hate this, but it's not so bad. Ellie is so smart. She knows what clothes belong to who and she tries to fold it. It's pretty cute, until she wants to 'try' on all of her clothes that we just washed! ugh. LOL. 
I really do get some stuff done when I clean, but I've let go that my house will never be perfect. It's okay though, I have a new attitude about this and it is pretty much what this cute little sign says:

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