Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ellie's 2 Year Pictures

I love how Ellie's 2 year pictures turned out. I know I'm pregnant and about to pop, but I'm not so crazy about the ones I'm in. I don't know how women do maternity ones. I guess I'm just self conscious and would prefer not to be in photos, but I know it will be nice to look back in 20 years and laugh.  I seriously LOVE all the ones with Ellie. The second and last one are my favorites. There are other ones, but they are so similar that I posted the ones that looked the best. These are done by the same photographer we've used since Ellie was born. I was looking at her 1year old pictures and it's amazing how much older she looks. I think she could probably pass for a 1st grader. I mean this, first one she looks like she's 5 and the 5th one down, she looks like she's 10.

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