Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ellie's new swing set!

Ellie finally got her new swingset. We bought it from our neighbors who have outgrown it. It took about 3 hours or so to take it apart and move the 3 big pieces. We already bought a baby bucket swing for Ellie and need to replace the ropes and some other parts on it. It's a Rainbow Play System, but I think we'll shop around too. They are pretty pricey.
This is the before picture in our neighbors yard. Nick and Ron are standing there and Nick (wendi's bf) is driving the bobcat. It was scary to watch them do this!!

This is the big middle part being moved into our backyard.

Here they are carring the swing part over.
Ellie was busy drinking ice water.

Here she is with my dad in our backyard.  I'm by the house, water the plants :)

Here we are watching in the back by our neighbors. We were excellant supervisors.

Ellie is checking it out.

It looks like it was easy, but it wasn't!

Ellie is testing out the new picnic table.

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