Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack Earl Roberts

This is when we got into our room. At this point, I'm having contractions but it wasn't too bad. My dad and Wendi were able to come right away. My mom and Ellie were at home -Ellie was sick :(
We all hung out for a couple hours just waiting for my Dr. to come.

Me and my dad

Daddy, Mama and baby Jack!

I still don't believe this big baby was in my tummy!

Just out of the oven!

I am so drugged here it's not even funny.

Dr. Raman (the best dr ever)

Grandma and baby Jack

Grandpa and Jake Earl Roberts


  1. Congrats Heidi, Nick and Ellie! Jack is beautiful - big boy! Hope you are all doing well and settling in at home.

  2. Congratulations Heidi! I thought about you the whole time I was on my trip. I had no internet access in Lithuania for 12 days. Glad to be back and see that everything went well. He's adorable :) Can't wait for more pictures and Jack grows!!