Thursday, August 30, 2012

A scare

This morning I had a big scare! I woke up to get ready to go to work and glanced at the monitor and didn't see Ellie in her bed. Sometimes if she moves down to the bottom, it's out of the camera view. Or I thought maybe she fell out and was laying the blankets and pillows on the floor. I went up to look and she was not there. Not in her bed, not on the floor, not in her room! OMG. Panic. Big time. I ran downstairs, thinking maybe she snuck in our room (she has never done this) and I didn't know it. As I was running into our room, I saw her on the couch! Her head was on the pillow with her blanket in hand and a Hello Kitty dress in the other. I woke up to tell Nick and to find out if he knew about it. He was clueless. He took her upstairs and put her back in her bed. I wonder what happened. Did she walk in her sleep or was she awake? What time did this happen? How did she see in the dark? Why did she have the Hello Kitty dress too? Am I going to have to alarm her door, which by the way was completely shut when I went up there. Ellie did this when she went downstairs, because we usually leave it open and she is a 'door closer'. She always has to close doors. 

I hope this doesn't happen again. She really scared me!

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