Thursday, August 23, 2012

New baby

I'm happy to announce my new nephew, Silas Victor Coraggio! I'm not exactly sure where the name came from, I think Wendi and Nick just really liked it. It means "of the forest" or "wood". I think it's a really cool name! Victor is my dad's middle name and goes so well with Silas. My sister, Wendi did a great job! She was patient, strong and took over her new mommy role as soon as baby Silas came out. It was a long day, but the ending was magical. Silas is super cute and has the biggest baby hands and feet I've ever seen! I think that means he is going to be a big boy, like our Jack or maybe he's going to be a downhill skier?

I'm so happy that Wendi had her doctor (mine too) there to deliver her baby. The first night was a little scary because Silas's oxygen kept dropping and he wasn't eating that good. They put him on an IV and put him under the heat lamp. I think after resting and getting use to this big world, he was feeling better and eating. They are still monitoring him closely, but hopefully he'll be able to come home soon. Wendi's stay will be a little longer because of the recovery, but that's okay too. Being in the hospital sucks, but sometimes it's nice to have the nurses and doctors around.

Here's baby Silas moments after being born. He's trying to suck his fingers/thumb. So cute!

I took Ellie to the hospital to visit Auntie We-we and she seemed to understand what was going on, even though she didn't get to meet Silas. You have to be over 18 to go in the NICU. She did ask Wendi if she had an "owie" though. It was funny, because she has a big owie! I'm so excited for Wendi and baby to come  home and for Ellie to meet Silas. I love posting good news and will be posting some news next week too! Stay tuned....

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