Monday, August 20, 2012

Animals and Dirty Girl

We had a great weekend! We started it out with a trip to the Zoo Friday night. I wasn't sure how Ellie was going to be with the animals, but she loved them! I think her favorite were the bears and the sea lion (she thought it was a fish). Ellie got her ice cream of course and we walked and walked. 

It got dark quickly, so we decided to skip the train and headed to listen to the LoveMonkeys. Ellie loved listening to the band and watch the kids dance. She even danced too. Jack wasn't a big fan of the loud music, but we're just breaking him in at this age :)

Gavyn and Aubrey and their BIG ice cream cones!

Looking at the Elk.

Aubrey and Ellie
Daddy and Jack

The Dirty Girl Run was on Saturday. It was so much fun and craziness. During the run, I had a few moments of "What the heck was I thinking?", but when we were done I was glad I did it. 

This was fun going up, but going down was scary!

I'm in the pool of mud behind the girls w/ the pink bandanas.

Our team after.

Going home to shower!

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