Friday, August 31, 2012

Finally Friday

This past week has been exciting, depressing and crazy. Here's my list:

8/21: Baby Silas arrives!
8/22: Baby Silas has to stay in the NICU for a couple days
8/23: My baby boy turns 1 years old. Too fast.
8/24: I find out that someone at work has colon cancer. YUK
8/25: Baby Silas comes home!
8/27: Jack Bartosz becomes an angel
8/28: Give baby Silas his first bath
8/29: Lunch w/ a close friend; it's been too long, so good to see him.
8/30: Second night of teaching. It was nerve racking, but I'm getting back into the groove!

I'm ready for September, I'm ready for the seasons to change and the leaves to fall. My favorite time of year is Fall and it's only a couple days away. I consider September to be Fall time, even though it really isn't. I love the crisp air, walks at night when the kids need a blanket in the stroller, comfy clothes, Halloween, football games (only for napping time), Nick's birthday and the time right before the holidays when life gets crazy busy.


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