Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camera update

I thought I would be sneaky and I put Ellie's camera back. We were in her room for about 5 minutes reading books and she spotted it. She began to cry and say "nooooooooooo" and then picked up her things and started to run out of her room. I caught her before she headed downstairs and I showed her that I was taking the camera down. I put it on the little table in her room, but that wasn't good enough. She didn't want it in her room at all! So, I took the camera out and went and got some Hello Kitty stickers. I came back in her room and asked her if she wanted to see the stickers. She did of course. I then asked her to help me put them on the camera. She was a little hesitant, but then gave in. We put all the stickers on the camera and then I asked her if I could put the camera up. She said NO, but let me leave it on the table. She also said "night, night" to the camera and waved. Those are good signs :) Tonight I am going to attempt to move the camera on the other table and hopefully plug it in. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to put it above her bed. This is just going to take baby steps.

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