Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy hump day and some news...

Happy Wednesday... 1 more day and then it's my favorite day - FRIDAY.

I think I dodged the family cold again! Woohoo! Ellie and Jack were pretty much sick all weekend. Runny nose, coughing and a little bit of puking. I started getting a sore throat yesterday, but I don't feel it too much today, so I think I got lucky again. Besides, I can't get sick. I honestly don't have time for it anyways. Jack got his shots on Friday and may have been sick from that, but he's still so smiley. So, I finally got my 'braces'. Nick says they aren't really braces because they aren't stuck on and metal like the normal braces.  They are called Simpli5 and are like the invisalign ones.  I will probably wear them for 10-12 weeks and then have a retainer for night time. I get a new set every 2 weeks and they will hurt everytime I get a new set all over again. boo! They are really sore, but will be worth it. My teeth are not that bad, but I didn't want them getting any worse, so I decided to get them. Here is a really 'awesome' picture of my teeth with them in. Basically the top two are pushing the bottom two inward, so I have them on the top and bottom to correct it.

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