Monday, February 27, 2012

The weekend activities...

It was nice having off on Friday, not having to think about work. I took Jack to his 6 month appointment and everything is on track. He is weighing in at 18.9 lbs! Jack is 4 lbs more than Ellie was at 6 months. Jack's pediatrician was happy with how his scar is turning out too - she hadn't seen it since I missed his 4 month check up. The only thing we have to work on is his rolling over. We don't put him on the floor too much because Ellie likes to sit on him and sometimes body slam him. She's nuts sometimes.

Saturday we had Wendi's graduation. She received her Masters in Engineering Management from MSOE. We are all so proud of her and happy that she can now focus her time on other things besides homework!! Yippie!


Here is what Ellie has been up to lately. She likes to sleep in Jack's pack n play and she insists on having a giant pillow and Jack's planket too. She's looks so innocent and peaceful here. She cracks me up!

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