Monday, February 6, 2012

We went skiing for real this time.

We couldn't pass up another nice weekend and not go skiing. This time it was for 'real'. Taking Ellie up on the chairlift was so scary, but SO fun! She loved it. She said 'weeeee!' the whole way up. Wendi borrowed a harness from the ski school where she use to teach and we strapped it on. It makes it so easy with it. You can lift her up with it on the chair and guide her as you go down. It's the best invention. It was so fun to take her and watch her face light up. She really, really liked it, even when I fell in the chair lift line and at the bottom of the hill. My legs are still sore and I got the best work out I've had in a long time. I hope to take her next weekend too!

Going up the chair. You can see Ellie's harness on her. We couldn't do it without it.

Ellie's smile is so excited and happy. Wendi and I have our 'scared as shit' smiles on :)

I'm coming down with Ellie. She has her pink snowpants on. Wendi is just to the right of us, with her arms in the air.


Wendi and Ellie. I'm on the left with the video camera. They are going so fast!

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