Monday, February 20, 2012

Walkie Talkie, no no

Ellie and Jack's baby monitor broke :( I had found a good deal on a video monitor and 2 camera's from BuyBuyBaby right before Jack was born. Saturday night it wouldn't turn on. I'm not sure if it just isn't charging or what the deal is, but luckily I kept the boxes and reciept. So we headed to BuyBuyBaby the next morning and they gave us store credit. We had to buy a new one, because I could not live without it.

We finally decided on the Summer's Infant brand. I had one of these before for just Ellie and it worked awesome (even across the street at the neighbors!) until the adapter cord broke. I've contacted the manufacturer several times, but never got a response, so I gave up.

This is the one we got. I was pretty excited to set it up and really excited when I found out that you can actually talk into the video monitor and the kids can hear  us. It's kind of like a walkie talkie.

We had our usual night time routine and put Ellie in bed. She is usually pretty easy to put to bed and very cooperative. As soon as she was in bed, I ran downstairs in our room to check out the new video monitor. The picture is really good! I decided to test out the walkie talkie thing. I spoke into it and said "Good night Ellie, I love you!" She didn't move, so I said "Ellie, night night!" and then she screamed, "NO!!" and was crying. I ran upstairs and she was saying "no" and pointing to the camera, she then proceeded to collect all of her 'stuff' (Hello Kitty, blanket, her baby, blue and her coin purse) and wanted to get out. I tried to tell her that it was ok, but she didn't want to be in there with the freaky camera and voice.

I was pretty mad at myself, that I might have just screwed up the easy bed time routine. We went back in her room, read some more books and attempted to put her back in bed. She wouldn't do it. I took the camera down and took it out of the room and she seemed better. I will have to figure out how to get the camera back up without her flipping out. I guess I would be scared if there was a voice disrupting my sleep. Poor Ellie :(

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