Friday, February 17, 2012

Little diddy about Jack and Elliana...

This week's recap:

  • Ellie had a Valentine's Day party at school on Tuesday and they all had pizza except Ellie. I sent her lunch w/ her, like we always do and the teachers didn't know she could have pizza. She had her Japanese food I think she felt a little bad, but I felt way worse. :( We'll have pizza this weekend - for sure.
  • Ellie went pee on the potty! It was right after she got out of the tub, she told Nick she had to go and he told her to wait (she was in her towel) and he ran down to get her Hello Kitty potty seat and she held it and went on it. She even wiped! We know she can control it, it's just a matter of doing it now.
  • Jack had his 6 months pictures taken on Wednesday. I can't believe he is 6 months already. (sigh)
  • Jack's tongue was a little bloody last night. It looked bloody, but when I touched it, I didn't get any on the tissue. I think he must have been really chewing on it or something. Kind of weird.
Here's a preview of Jack's 6 month pictures. We got a few shots of Jack and Ellie too.

I'll have the touched up ones in a few weeks, but I couldn't resist posting this one.

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