Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jack's 6 month pictures

I'm happy to finally be posting Jack's 6 month pictures. Amy McManigal took these. She's done all of Ellie's and of course Jack's newborn ones too. As soon as I got the cd, I put them on my computer. I'm really happy how they turned out, but I think Jack's a really easy model. All this kid does is smile! He's so giggly and happy. 

It's kind of amazing how different he looks in this pictures, just with the outfit changes and hat v.s. no hat. I picked out these outfits the night before and think they worked out. He looks so grown up here, but I think it's because he's wearing normal clothes... as you can tell from the pictures I post, he is usually in pjs! I threw in the frog hat (I got from Mayumi in Japan) last minute and it turned out to be my absolute favorite. I just LOVE it. I can't wait to get a canvas print or two of these!

Jack trying to eat Ellie... just a bite.
Ellie and Jack. Jack's shirt says 'baby brother'.
Ellie just loves Jack.

My absolute favorite!!

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  1. Really cute pictures! Funny about Jack wearing "normal clothes," we also rock the jammies 24/7 around here.