Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mexico and sickies

This week has already been a little hectic. Nick spent all day in Chicago on Monday trying to get his passport renewed. It expired in July and his flight to Mexico was Tuesday morning. Well, he was successful and as I type this I'm sure he is sitting on the beach enjoying a fruity beverage. His team won region of the year, so this was their reward. Jack and I helped him pack all his new vacation clothes and sent him on his way.

I could have gone, but there were too many reasons why I didn't want to. I didn't want to leave Ellie and Jack w/ my mom for 4 days, I'm busy at work, we would've had to pay for my ticket, I am not getting in a swimsuit right now and I just wasn't in the mood to go. I'm glad I didn't because Ellie has a fever/cold and Jack is a little troublemaker and hasn't been sleeping well at night at all. The weather has been so nice lately that it's probably just as nice as in Mexico (minus the beach, good food, pool, spas, etc.) haha! 

Jack and I are trying to make Ellie feel better. Poor little girl.

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