Monday, March 26, 2012

A little weekend celebration

Despite the rainy weekend, it was a wonderful one. Saturday we headed to Chicago to do some shopping and eating to celebrate Wendi's wedding. We started out the morning with homemade bagel sandwhiches and smoothies for the car ride. Our first stop was at Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store) where we bought some groceries and sushi to go. It was super yummy.

The next stop was at Ikea, where we spent hours and hours. Wendi found some things for her wedding center pieces and the rest of us girls bought some necessities stuff. We stopped at a few stores before heading downtown. One of our stops downtown was Sprinkles. We waited in line, people watched and dodged one legged-pigeons. It was worth the wait. My favorite was the peanut butter cupcake. LOVED it. Of course I brought home some for Nick and my mom and dad, I'm nice that way :)

It was a little chilly down by the lake, but there were tons of people out and about on Michigan Ave. We ate dinner at Wendi's favorite restaurant - Le Colonial on Rush St. It was delish! If you ever go downtown Chicago, I highly recommend it!

Rani, Wendi, me, Amy and Kim.

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