Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby gate not so much

I was pretty excited to get home last night, because I knew my box from Target was waiting. I bought a retractable baby gate that I thought would be awesome. Not so much. Here's the baby gate I bought. We have a metal one when Ellie was crawling around and someone kind of broke it and it never worked the same, so we took it out. This one isn't too hard to open, but because of the way our banister is and the baseboards, it doesn't line up right.

My dad and I actually installed it and it looked okay. Ellie and Jack were our little assistants. Ellie could crawl underneath, so when Jack starts getting more mobile, he would definitly do the same. I don't even have an after picture, that is how quick I removed it and put it in the box to return. So, I'm on a mission to find a good baby gate, but not one that is hard to open for adults. I just need something to block these stairs. A half door would be kind of neat, I actually don't need it 'child' proof because Jack won't be able to reach the knob anyways. As soon as he can do stairs, we'll take it down too. I was doing research and saw some cute fabric ones that were homemade, but I think I need something more sturdy for this area.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

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  1. my sister in law has the same kind of stairs as you and she actually had a hinged gate made out of the wood and ballisters (is that the right word...the metal spindles) so it matched the stairs and it had a lock on it like a fence. she just took it down when the kids were old enough.
    Good Luck! Ryter tried stairs this weekend at my parents house. Good thing we don't have any!