Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Monday!

I love having off on Fridays. We headed over to Nick's parent's house now that they are back from Arizona. Ellie and Jack haven't seen them in over 5 months! Ellie totally remembered them, but Jack was clueless and a little scared. I think he is starting his 'stranger - danger' stage. He cried a lot for his Mama. We went for walks, played in the bounce house, cooked, snacked, hung-out outside and relaxed. It was a really nice Friday.  Saturday we went to the Brewer's game for a friend's surprise 30th birthday. It was a really long day, but so much fun. Taking a bus and tailgating is a blast! Sunday wasn't a day of re-coop, but a day to do some landscaping at my parent's house. We got a lot done and the yard is starting to look better already for summer. I hope this week flies by because we are coming up on another 3 day weekend with Memorial day. Yippie!

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