Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun weekend!

Everything was perfect this weekend! The shopping, food and company. It was Jack's second trip to Ikea and he loved it. He sat in Ikea's blue high chair and people watched. Nick carried him in the baby bjorn at Ikea and Woodfield mall. It was kind of nice not having to lug around a stroller and Ellie did really good at walking, except when she walked into this light fixture. I was so mad, I hit it and kind of looked like a pyscho mom, but I felt so bad for her. I think her glasses saved her face. She felt a lot better once she knew we were going to the Sanrio store (aka Hello Kitty's store). It was Ellie's first time at the Sanrio store and she loved it. We ended our day at Sushi Kushi Toyo in Lake Forest. They have the most authentic Japanese food. It was really yummy!

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