Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ellie's glasses

Ellie got new glasses yesterday! Ellie had her yearly eye check up about a month ago and although she is doing great with her glasses her prescription changed slightly. Her new prescription is a little stronger, but I'm grateful that we won't need to do surgery and we haven't needed to patch either. We've come a long way since first finding out that she needed glasses. I rarely see her eye go in and she's been so good at wearing her glasses consistently. I was really excited to get new glasses for her too. I mean, who doesn't love new things! This time we chose purple. I was very hesitant as I didn't know if she would like them or be upset that she can't wear her old ones. Her new glasses are slightly bigger and they also transition so when she is in the sun they turn to sunglasses. I thought this would be so beneficial especially in the summer. Here's a picture of us right after picking them up. She put them on no problem, loved them and happily ate her cereal in the car. After I looked at this picture, you can tell a little that they are tinted as she was just walking to the car and it was sunny out. The thing with transitions are that they will turn dark right away especially when the UV is hitting it directly and it's warm out. In the winter, they take longer to go back to clear because of the cold temperature.  She's so happy!!

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